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You’re invited to become an affiliate of all Ask Harriette courses and earn commission for every sign that comes via your promotion or recommendation! 

As part of our family of clients, we wanted to create a way for you to open yet more streams of abundance from your own experience. We all know how powerful testimonials are for helping people step into a new programme, as an affiliate, you can get paid for your testimonial! 

Once you are signed up you will receive unique links for each course that are completely personal to you and must be used in order for us to track where a sale has come from and pay you your commission. There are different percentages of commision for different courses, scroll down to view them, they will also be detailed in your confirmation email along with your affiliate links which can be shared immediately. 

A PayPal account will be needed to receive commission payments, which will be sent on the last day of each month. 


You can earn 10% commission from the following programmes:

The Rich Mentality

M.O.R.E Money Bundle 

Command Your Queendom

The Comeback Queen 

Mama Queen

Pocket Priestess

The Descent

The Shift 

Mastering Duality

100k Masterclass

Queen of Time

Doing Sweet FA Sales

You can earn 15% commission from the following programmes: 


The Channel

You can earn 20% commission from the following programmes: 

Numerology 1.0

The Antidote

The Impossible Dream

You can earn 30% commission from the following programmes: 

The Money Consciousness Method 

Sales Queen

Queen Aphrodite

You can earn 40% commission from the following programmes: 

Class Act



You can earn 50% commission from the following programmes: 

The 11 Universal Laws 


Fast Energy Fast Cash


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